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Kaitlyn Ronquillo


Kaitlyn first started taking music lessons at age 6 and hasn't looked back since. Growing up, she was involved with band, jazz band, choir, musical theater, church choir, and vocal jazz. Given her love for music and desire to grow in this art, she continued the study of music at Benedictine College in Kansas where she received her Bachelor of Arts in Vocal Performance. Although Kaitlyn's primary instrument is voice, she has taken nearly a decade of piano lessons herself. Aside from performing, Kaitlyn is also passionate about teaching technique in a way that encourages and empowers her students. She sees it as a hobby that can build confidence and assist students in all aspects of their life-whether they go on further to study music like she did, or if it is just one hobby of many. Her philosophy is this- anyone can become a musician, and all can be enriched by the experience. Kaitlyn has a wide background in music theory and composition, classical, opera, jazz, musical theater, pop, and choral works. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her husband, cooking, and staying active.

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