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Voice Lessons in Plymouth

Have you every found yourself singing along to the radio without even realizing it? The amazing thing about singing is that it's so primal - humans have been using their voice since the beginning of our existence. It's the only instrument we all carry with us everywhere we go, but making the most of your voice is up to you. If you have ever thought about improving as a singer, look no further. Our school is full of experienced vocalists giving voice lessons in Plymouth who have over a decade devotion to voice coaching.

Voice lessons in Plymouth are designed to help you master all of the factors of becoming a well-rounded singer. From intonation and sight-reading to phrasing and expression, our teachers are highly experienced at helping their students connect with their voices on all fronts. Taking voice lessons in Plymouth through Lakeside Music Academy will not only be a positive musical experience, but also a convenient one, as lessons take place in the comfort of your home.

Private Voice Teachers in Plymouth

    How Our Voice Lessons Work

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    In-Home Voice Lessons

    One of the most overlooked aspects of learning to sing is breathing. It may sound crazy, since we all know how to breathe... But do you know how to breathe like a singer? Having the proper breath-support is one of the most important aspects of being a great vocalist, and through our voice lessons in Plymouth, you will learn to master not only your voice, but also your breath. Having good breath support improves your intonation, control, and power.

    Students who take voice lessons in Plymouth benefit from lessons in more ways than one. Not only do our voice students become better vocalists, but they also gain a confidence that they've never experienced before. Having the ability to sing well, and with control and confidence, is an incredible feeling that boosts self esteem in addition to everything else. Music is a magical thing, and we love sharing that gift with our students. Our awesome teachers providing voice lessons in Plymouth will teach you about everything it takes to be an excellent singer. Voice lessons focus on breath control, expression, "correct" technique, and musicianship in general. Since these are all important factors of vocal training, it will benefit you greatly to take the time to focus on them.

    Our teachers at Lakeside Music Academy design each lesson to your specific learning style and pace. We know that everyone has a different learning style and different desires and goals which is why we make sure our teachers are experts at adapting to those learning styles. Our school has teachers who are able to work in any genre, allowing students to choose songs that excite them so that the process is fun. Our team is eager to share our passions with you, exploring any genre that motivates you to learn. Whether you're preparing for a big performance, or just want to improve as a singer, we have teachers providing voice lessons in Plymouth who are here to help. Our lessons are open to those of all ages and levels, and we have a versatile team of teachers with diverse backgrounds to match your learning style and goals. With our voice lessons in Plymouth, you will be matched with a teacher than can not only motivate, but inspire. You will thank yourself for investing in your voice!

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