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Piano Lessons in Plymouth

The piano has been played and admired for centuries. As one of the most versatile instruments out there, the piano is a great instrument to learn - opening the door to many genres and possibilities. With our piano lessons in Plymouth, we will help find you the right teacher - someone who can motivate and inspire you, and has the correct knowledge and background to help you accomplish your musical goals.

Our school is staffed with amazing musicians providing piano lessons in Plymouth. Our teachers represent many different genres, approaches, and teaching styles, so we're surely to have someone that will be a perfect fit for you. Whether you want to become a refined classical pianist, or want to learn how to accompany yourself on the piano reading lead sheets, we have someone that will be ready to help you succeed.

Private Piano Teachers in Plymouth

    6 Piano Lesson Reviews

    Samantha J.

    Excellent piano lessons. My son has been taking lessons for over a year and enjoys it very much.


    Donald S

    Our teacher at Lakeside has been a wonderful teacher for my two teenage kids.


    Susan T.

    I am an adult piano student at Lakeside Music Academy. Lessons have been fantastic. My teacher is great at explaining what needs adjustment in my playing. She is can also teach multiple genres of piano music.


    Peter S.

    As someone who had been curious about learning piano for a long time, Lakeside has offered a great foundation for learning piano.


    Geoff A.

    My daughter has truly enjoyed her piano lessons. Thank you Lakeside!


    Jessica V.

    The lessons are great, my kids get along great with their teacher!


    How Our Piano Lessons Work

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    Book a $25 Intro Piano Lesson

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    Decide to continue

    Enjoy weekly lessons all month long

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    In-Home Piano Lessons

    Every one of our teachers was once a student of music themselves, so they have lots of patience and understanding for students from all walks of life. Our piano teachers in Plymouth are highly knowledgable, creative, and passionate about music. They are here to make learning music as easy and fun as possible for their students.

    Piano lessons in Plymouth are such an amazing way to begin your musical journey, and we believe that you will be surprised at how quickly your skills will progress. Our teachers providing piano lessons in Plymouth customize every lesson to the individual student, adapting to the student's learning style, goals, and musical interests. Our teachers usually base their piano lessons around the main pillars - technique, music theory, sight reading, repertoire, and musicianship. Some of our students branch out further and study subjects such as improvisation, accompaniment, and even songwriting and composition.

    For those of you that have never learned to play an instrument before, the piano is actually a great starter instrument. Because of the way the piano is laid out, music theory is easiest to understand on the piano, so knowledge gained from piano lessons can easily be transferred onto other instruments. Many of our students choose to start on the piano, even if their plan is to eventually switch to another instrument.

    Music is an incredible way to express yourself! We find that our students get so much out of learning an instrument - not just a new skill, but an emotional outlet, and something that can make them feel really good about themselves. Our piano lessons in Plymouth are the perfect first step into picking up a new instrument with confidence and starting that musical journey. We will provide you with everything you need to succeed, and you will be matched with a teacher who will not only instruct, but act as a mentor through the learning process. Our teachers providing piano lessons in Plymouth are extremely passionate about music and are eager to pass along that passion to you or your child. The only thing you need to do is reach out to set up your first lesson and let us share our love of the piano with you.

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