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At an early age, Elsa welcomed her mother’s insistence that she learn an instrument. She continued her music studies through her college education, and now works exclusively in the music industry as a freelance performer, audio engineer, director of music, and an educator. Above all else, she loves the way music speaks a universal language to all generations. With regard to teaching, Elsa says, “Music makes our brains work in so many ways, and learning how to read and play doesn’t have to feel like an extra task added on to the day. My adult students will tell me that they gave up on lessons as children because it became frustrating and overwhelming, but that they wish they had stuck with it. I use this information to make my lessons fun and engaging. I want my students to feel proud of the progress they’re making, and to remember to be gentle with themselves when their brains are working out something completely new. I get just as excited as they do when they reach new milestones.

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