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private lessons with Catherine Bauske

Catherine Bauske


Catherine is a University of North Dakota alum with her Bachelor of Music in Music Education. Her primary instrument is voice, though she is also well-versed in piano and guitar pedagogy. She has been singing for nearly the entirety of her life in choirs, as a soloist, and in various smaller ensembles. Catherine continues to foster a love of music in her students as the Director of Middle School Music for an area charter school. The most important aspect of music, for her, is its accessibility. Anyone can be a musician. She prides herself on helping her students find success, overcome obstacles, and feel proud of their accomplishments. From performing with and directing youth, adolescent, and collegiate choirs, to attaining high levels of success at state and regional music festivals both as a teacher and student; Catherine has a wide breadth of knowledge when it comes to what it takes to be a well-rounded and dedicated musician. Jazz pieces, classical repertoire standards, choral arrangements, musical theater works, and popular music are all musical areas she is able to tackle. When she is not teaching, Catherine enjoys being outdoors, reading, or attending live music events.

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