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Piano Lessons in Wayzata

Piano lessons in Wayzata have been one of our most requested classes for a long time and the reason why is proven in the music itself. The piano carries such a beautiful tune that stands out compared to any other instrument and has been cherished for many centuries. Piano lessons in Wayzata you will be taught about the piano and the great amount of versatility it has to play different types of music.

Piano is an incredible instrument with a huge range. The other cool thing about pianos are anyone can play a beautiful note on it, it doesn’t take hours of practice to play one note. Piano lessons in Wayzata are provided by teachers who have many years of experience and are willing to teach any genre that helps to motivate you or spark your interest. We are lovers of all music. We have a great group of teachers with experience with the piano and we can set you up with any teacher who you think would be a good fit for you.

Private Piano Teachers in Wayzata

    6 Piano Lesson Reviews

    Samantha J.

    Excellent piano lessons. My son has been taking lessons for over a year and enjoys it very much.


    Donald S

    Our teacher at Lakeside has been a wonderful teacher for my two teenage kids.


    Susan T.

    I am an adult piano student at Lakeside Music Academy. Lessons have been fantastic. My teacher is great at explaining what needs adjustment in my playing. She is can also teach multiple genres of piano music.


    Peter S.

    As someone who had been curious about learning piano for a long time, Lakeside has offered a great foundation for learning piano.


    Geoff A.

    My daughter has truly enjoyed her piano lessons. Thank you Lakeside!


    Jessica V.

    The lessons are great, my kids get along great with their teacher!


    How Our Piano Lessons Work

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    Book a $25 Intro Piano Lesson

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    The teacher comes to you

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    Decide to continue

    Enjoy weekly lessons all month long

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    Receive an invoice at the end of the month

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    In-Home Piano Lessons

    Our piano lessons in Wayzata will provide you with a teacher who is able to work at your pace and cater the lessons to your own learning style. Since we know how hard the learning process can be, our teachers giving piano lessons in Wayzata have included their own personal tips and tricks to make the process as easy as possible. Start playing the piano note by note and then work your way up to different harmonies and melodies.

    Piano lessons in Wayzata are set up to be the perfect opportunity to begin playing the piano and you will surprise yourself with how fast you can pick up the instrument. Our piano lessons are well rounded lessons that include not only the skill of playing but also reading music to make sure you are a confident player. We put a great amount of focus into making sure you are able to read music because it will provide the opportunity for you to become an excellent player.

    Our musicians giving piano lessons in Wayzata are eager to work with students no matter what age, as we always say there is no student too old. Taking piano lessons in Wayzata will provide you or your child with a very useful skill that will prove to be beneficial for your entire lives. Piano lessons in Wayzata have been an escape for students who have felt overwhelmed in the past due to other aspects of life.

    Music is an incredible source of therapy and allows for musicians to express themselves through their music. Our piano lessons in Wayzata are a step into the music world that can be catered to your own schedule. Our team of teachers are here to support and motivate you throughout every step of your learning process. Our piano lessons are given by teachers who are extremely passionate about their instrument and sharing that passion with others. The first step in your learning process is booking that first lesson and we promise you won’t regret it!

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