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Beginner Piano Lessons in Plymouth

Piano is the most common first instrument for students who have never taken lessons before, and for good reasons! Unlike other instruments, the piano has the same tone whether you’re a seasoned professional or a hamster walking across the keys. A violin, trombone, and guitar alike all take some time just to get a good sound out of, but with piano, that frustration is skipped. Also, the piano makes understanding music theory very simple. The way the piano is laid out is perfect for understanding notes - it’s the only instrument where sharps and flats are literally a different color than the natural keys - it doesn’t get any easier than that.

The piano is a very versatile instrument - it can be both melodic and harmonic in the way that a young student can play a simple melody one note at a time, but a more advanced student can learn to play chords, and maybe even accompany themselves or someone else. The piano is also an important instrument in so many genres, from pop and rock to classical. Learning the piano opens up so many different doors musically, so it’s a great choice for anyone.

Private Beginner Piano Teachers in Plymouth

    How Our Beginner Piano Lessons Work

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    In-Home Beginner Piano Lessons

    There is no “prime” age to start learning to play the piano, it is an instrument that can be taken up by those of any age. Through beginner piano lessons in Plymouth you may begin playing as young as five years old or as old as 100! With beginner piano lessons in Plymouth, our teachers know how to engage on any level and in any learning style to make sure that their students are really getting what they need. Our beginner piano lessons in Plymouth are customized just for you, so no matter your age, background, experience level, and learning style, we will help find the perfect teacher to help you reach your goals.

    At Lakeside Music Academy, our mission is to make learning music fun and inspirational. Music is one of the most wonderful things in the world, and we want to share the magic of music with as many students as we can. The love of music is something that sticks with you for life, so fostering a deep love and understanding of music in our students is of the utmost importance.

    Our teachers giving beginner piano lessons in Plymouth have been studying, playing, and performing on the piano since their youth and have gained a great amount of knowledge about the learning process which they are ready to share with you. We believe our lessons are so effective because each one contains a personalized learning plan that is designed to help you thrive musically.

    Our team providing beginner piano lessons in Plymouth will share their tips with you to help make the learning process move faster, and turn you into the musician you always wanted to be. Through beginner piano lessons in Plymouth, your teacher will work with you on subjects such as learning to read music, understanding the basics of music theory, developing good technique, and building up a repertoire of songs - no matter your level. With a little time and practice, you will surprise yourself at what you can do on the piano!

    Our teachers giving beginner piano lessons in Plymouth know that reading music is such a crucial factor of playing the piano which is why we put a good deal of focus on it. The great thing about learning to read music is that the skill is transferable onto other instruments, so if you decide to switch to the violin after a year, you’ll already have an incredible head start on reading music, not to mention understanding the fundamentals of music and music theory, which are also universal.

    Our team giving beginner piano lessons in Plymouth is quite versatile, so we will help you find the perfect teacher who can work with you to learn any genre of music you desire, with varying learning styles. If you have a favorite song, your teacher will surely help you to learn to play it, as our number one priority is making sure that lessons are fun for our students. We have only heard positive feedback about our team providing beginner piano lessons in Plymouth. Our teachers are amazing mentors for our students and support them in their events and concerts. Our teachers providing music lessons in Plymouth want to see you do well with your instrument and support you throughout your music career.

    We are able to provide beginner piano lessons within the comfort of your own home and will work around your schedule so that it’s convenient for you. Beginner piano lessons in Plymouth are available to all ages - our teachers will assess your level and needs, and provide you with any necessary information and inspiration that will help you grow. Beginner piano lessons in Plymouth are such an easy way to begin learning the piano and there's no better time than now to start!

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