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Piano Lessons in Edina

One of our most requested music lessons would be piano lessons in Edina. The piano is a uniquely beautiful sounding instrument that provides its reward in the music you will be able to play. The piano has been recognized and loved for centuries due to its tone & versatility. With piano lessons in Edina we will teach you about the different styles of playing along with the different genres you will be able to play with some practice.

The piano has a large range of notes which allows for such a large variety of colors to be played. The teachers at our school providing piano lessons in Edina have been studying their instruments for decades and are passionate about sharing their knowledge with you. We have a team of incredible piano teachers who can play most genres and are able to adapt to any kind of music that motivates you to play.

Private Piano Teachers in Edina

    6 Piano Lesson Reviews

    Samantha J.

    Excellent piano lessons. My son has been taking lessons for over a year and enjoys it very much.


    Donald S

    Our teacher at Lakeside has been a wonderful teacher for my two teenage kids.


    Susan T.

    I am an adult piano student at Lakeside Music Academy. Lessons have been fantastic. My teacher is great at explaining what needs adjustment in my playing. She is can also teach multiple genres of piano music.


    Peter S.

    As someone who had been curious about learning piano for a long time, Lakeside has offered a great foundation for learning piano.


    Geoff A.

    My daughter has truly enjoyed her piano lessons. Thank you Lakeside!


    Jessica V.

    The lessons are great, my kids get along great with their teacher!


    How Our Piano Lessons Work

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    Book a $25 Intro Piano Lesson

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    In-Home Piano Lessons

    With our piano lessons in Edina you can gain a lifelong mentor who is equipped with all the information you could want. We went through the learning process ourselves and know that piano lessons in Edina are filled with amazing tips. Our teachers’ suggestions have been shaped by their own experiences to make it easier for you. A great part about learning the piano is that it can be simplified a lot by playing each note one at a time until you are comfortable to start combining them.

    Piano lessons at Lakeside Music Academy will shock you with how fast you are able to obtain information and start to progress with the help of a teacher who wants to see you succeed. Piano lessons in Edina are filled with information to make you a successful musician and we put great focus on reading music as well. The ability to read music well will improve your skills greatly and allow you to play with confidence. We have a group of teachers providing piano lessons in Edina who have taught students of all ages and experiences for many years. We have always believed that there is no bad time to begin playing an instrument, it just takes practice.

    In taking piano lessons in Edina you are opening the doors to having a lifelong skill which can bring so many opportunities for you in the future. Piano lessons in Edina can act as an escape for students who might have trouble coping with other issues in life. Music therapy has been a popular reason for lessons because it is extremely beneficial to be able to express yourself through music. Through some piano lessons in Edina you are provided with an obtainable way to finally learn the piano on your own schedule. Our teachers are here to support and motivate you throughout each step of your musical journey. Teachers giving piano lessons in Edina are extremely passionate to share their love of music with others. The only thing you need to do is make the first step in booking a lesson and let us share our knowledge of the piano with you!

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