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Thomas Berg is a musician, visual artist and instructor from the Bloomington, Minnesota area. Of all the passions he has in life, music has always been of the highest personal importance to him. Beginning guitar lessons during the first grade, he quickly developed a passion for multiple instruments and a constant desire to learn more about music that has stayed with him since. In high school Thomas played a variety of instruments in varied groups such as orchestras and jazz ensembles. He worked with of multiple genres groups during and since this time, learning to play many styles with proficiency. In the years since, Thomas created a solo project by the name of Timewound and made several projects under this name, also participating in collaborative projects with fellow musicians. His teaching career began at a previous lesson studio, which he had attended as a former student as a child. Here he taught guitar, bass and drums and directed performance groups seasonally. As a teacher, he seeks to be flexible and patient while always striving for progress and growth of his students abilities. He believes that all are capable of being musicians and aims to help others realize this potential and find appreciation of the finer and understated elements of music.

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