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Jack Reynertson


Jack Reynertson is a teacher, conductor, and performer in the Twin Cities Area of Minnesota where he currently teaches the Repertory and Chamber Orchestras at Edina High School. He is originally from Illinois, where he learned to play piano, percussion, and viola/violin. Jack graduated from St. Olaf College with a Music Education degree in 2020. While studying as an Undergraduate, Jack founded the Interlude Chamber Orchestra, a summer program for music students in Illinois. Jack has an abiding love for teaching music and working with young people, and his energetic teaching style focuses on building strong foundations in technique, theory, deep listening skills, and self-expression. He enjoys having fun while making music with others, and aims to help everyone discover a deeper love for music, themselves, and other people. In his free time, Jack likes to read all kinds of books, is an avid consumer of animated tv shows, and enjoys going for long walks in nature with his friends and family.

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