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Ashlyn May


Ashlyn is earning her Bachelor of Music degree in Elective Studies with a discipline in Education from Saint Olaf College. She has played the piano since she was 12 years old and has learned by ear, by expression, and by written notation of music. She has played for various choral ensembles and enjoys regular jam sessions with her friends. She loves to improvise/freestyle, learn new songs, and perform classical and contemporary pieces. Ashlyn specializes in vocal and choral music at St. Olaf College. She has sung in many choral ensembles, loves to sing and teach many styles and genres- from Classical/Operatic music to Rock n Roll, and thoroughly enjoys getting to help people discover holistic, embodied music making. She believes that music making is a natural expression of the mind, body, heart, and voice of the individual(s) who are creating and experiencing it. It is important to her that music making and discovering is individualized, personalized, and values the person creating their art. Ashlyn believes in the beautiful expression that no two human beings are the same. She has spent significant time learning how to provide and nurture students which encourages and stimulates cumulative, creative, synergetic, and immersive learning. She would love to get to know you and make music with you!

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